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Antonia Baumeister Knowledge Awareness for supporting the identification of solution-relevant case features
Jessica Dehler Fostering computer-mediated knowledge communication through "Knowledge Mirroring"
Dejana Diziol Analyzing and promoting computer supported collaborative learning in mathematics
Sabine Hauser Development of Expertise in Clinical Psychology and Effects of Expertise on Net-Based Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Dorothe Kienhues Computer-based improvement of epistemological beliefs
Eva Mayr Impact of goal-orientation on group learning in informal settings
Anne Meier Instructional support for computer-supported collaborative problem-solving with shared and unshared information
Sabine Schlag Learning strategies in multimedia learning (working title)
Petra Schulte-Löbbert Supporting adaptation of explanations in net-based-communication
Jie Song Improving Intercultural Competence: a Training Program for Exchange Students from Germany and China
Christof Wecker Effects of the fading of scripts and of feedback on the acquisition of domain-general cognitive skills
Tobias Bartholomé Supporting robust conceptual knowledge: Integrating information from multiple representations and fostering transfer
Sieghard Beller Conception and implementation of the VGK's internet presentation
Bettina-Maria Becker False beliefs in written online tutoring
Daniel Bodemer Information processing support for the acquisition of knowledge with dynamic and interactive visualizations
Ralf Decker The Role of Media in Causal Cognition
Tanja Engelmann (née Keller) Knowledge Acquisition with Information Visualizations - The Impact of Dimensionality and Color-Coding
Anna Ertelt Multi-media based Worked-out Examples: Learning Computer Applications by using On-Screen-Videos
Mareike Florax The Effect of the Active Integration of Texts and Visualisations on Learning
Johannes Gurlitt Prior knowledge activation with Concept Maps
Julia Härder The influence of individual and shared workspaces on memory and inference processes in computer-assisted groups
Miriam Hansen (née Bertholet) Supporting cooperation in computer-mediated joint problem-solving in different communication situations
Fabian Hermann Coordination of computer-supported work by persons with different background knowledge solving a case study
Christoph Hölscher Information seeking on the World Wide Web: Two kinds of expertise
Cornelia Kneser  
Kristin Knipfer Knowledge Acquisition and Opinion Formation in Science Museums: The Role of a Discussion Terminal for Collaborative Elaboration on Controversial Issues
Ingo Kollar Analysis and Facilitation of Students' Argumentative Knowledge Construction in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning - The Impact of Internal and External Cooperation Scripts
Maria Kolyschkow The role of attitudes, goal intentions and action plans in task handling by New Media
Thomas Kuß The use of background knowledge, existing in hypertext, in the context of learning processes
Martina Mauch Information extraction during knowledge acquisition with animations
Katrin Müller (Allmendinger) Learning within virtual environments: cognitive load caused by Presence and Performance
Sabine Müller Cognitive stimulation in computer based idea generation
Jörg Munkes Social comparison processes in computer-mediated idea generation
Monika Nobs Fostering self-explanations when learning with text and animations: The use of an annotation facility
Jessica Phillipp Reasoning with External Representations in Multimedia Learning Environments
Stephanie Pieschl Epistemological beliefs as predictors of metacognitive monitoring
Katja Pook Process-oriented artefacts for corporate knowledge management
Andreas Rapp The influence of protocol-methods on knowledge acquisition in computer-based learning
Nikol Rummel Employing worked-out examples, vicarious learning and scripted cooperation for the support of net-based interdisciplinary collaboration
Tina Schorr Competent Information Search in the World Wide Web: Development and Evaluation of a Training for Pupils
Julia Schuh Fostering skill acquisition in multimedia learning environments
Marcus Skupin-Alfa Majority composition of individuals and arguments in discussion groups and presentation format of discussion groups as determinants of confidence in decisions
Marc Stadtler The role of metacognition in laypersons searching the web for medical information
Karsten Stegmann Argumentative knowledge construction - effects of net-based cooperation scripts for processes of collaborative and individual argumentative knowldege construction
Daniela Straub The Impact of Common Ground on the Interactive Process of Communication and Knowledge Acquisition in Computer Supported, Cooperative Learning Groups
Susanne Thalemann The role of shared knowledge in collaborative problem solving
Maike Tibus Inference processes within expository film
Markus Weber Towards an interaction-centered perspective of multimedia learning An analysis of learning efficiencies and research methods
Carmen Zahn Using Video Segments in Multimedia: Cognitive Processing of Dynamic Visual Information during Knowledge Acquisition
Jörg Zumbach Problem-Based Learning: Fundamentals and application of network-based group curricula

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